Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Please, Thank You, and Tongue Biting

Is it too much to think that someone acknowledges the receipt of a gift when they get it? I've been taught at a young age to always give gratitude immediately for a gift, a favor, or anything someone bestows upon you in kindness. (Even the ones that are not done in kindness.) Call it the Mommie Dearest
moments where Thank You notes were penned in the most neat and perfect handwriting to be sent out right away to the giver of gifts.

One would think that this is a part of standard, advanced society norms. Someone does or give you something nice; you immediately respond with a sincere Thank You. Done. I don't know why a grown ass woman would ignore these norms. I don't get it.

Call me anal, (I know some of you already have), but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Have I ever slipped up on acknowledging a gift? Yes. I am only pitifully human, however, I've never let weeks go by before reaching out with gratitude and an apology for the delay in my gratitude.

It's one of those situations where I can't go into too much detail for reasons I've eluded to in the past, but it has tinted my impression of someone negatively. Some people may say that's jumping the gun, but I have an uncanny knack for feeling people out, and I didn't even need to reach very far to feel this slight.

Time will tell how this person measures up when it's all said and done.

I'm a stickler for politeness and manners. Nothing manages to keep this fucked up society glued together except for the few people who adhere to our social norms and rules of behavior. Polite people say please and thank you.

If you can't follow those very simple guidelines, what does that say about you as a person? I always hated it when someone said "Shut Up" to me. Even in jest, I find it crass, acutely rude, and stomach-turning. I can take a joke on many other subjects but to tell me to shut up is akin to slapping me across the face. I hate it.

Most of all, I hate adults who refuse to behave like adults. Please. Thank You. You're welcome.

Maybe not-so-welcome on the next go around.


  1. Oh yaay!!!! Your writing again! Wish there were more details to go with this so I knew who you were talking about. In the past, we'd spoken about not everyone loves with the same heart as you do. You always go out of the way to make someone feel special and appreciated. Count on you to go over the top with kindness. Unfortunately not everyone in this world knows how to reflect that generosity and love back at you. Maybe don't see it as a deliberate slight rather than absent mindedness, maybe? Please come back to PS soon just to hang with us even if you can't run with us. We miss you!

    1. I totally get that. But check this out; once I prodded to find out whether or not this party received it- STILL no acknowledgement for another week or two. A very bland "oh, thanks for that". I know I go over the top. It's way too much sometimes. But, I know a passive aggressive slight when I see one. I will behave myself, because it's expected of me as a "bigger" person. But, I feel what I feel and it will take a lot to change my mind at this point.

  2. Wait...You? Rude??? Noooo!
    Lookee here, little girl, I have witnessed less-than-courteous-Kat rear her head around certain someones that would meander on over to our little group. They will remain nameless since it seems you're doing this anonymous thing with your new blog.

    You gotta remember not everyone was raised with the same morals or manners you were. Your folks taught you well, and other people have not been as fortunate. Don't immediately take it as a direct insult. It may just be someone who thought they would get to it later, and procrastinated too long. We all know people like that. It doesn't make them terrible; but absent-minded, and less considerate than others.

    You're sounding a little sensitive as of late. Is all well?

    1. I know I'm sensitive. I think it's because I was presented with an image of this person being a certain way, and their actions couldn't be more opposite of what I was told. It was a little jarring, and I feel stupid for being so generous. I think I will take everyone's advice from now on and just do a lot less than what I instinctually want to do. At the end of the day, I may feel stupid, but at least I won't be out $100 for nothing.

      I did the same thing for the other half of this party, and it was a similar reaction. I just don't think these people really know how to say thank you sincerely. It just may not be something in their upbringing. Disappointing? Yes, but all I can do is make sure to raise my own children with better manners. It's all I can really do, right? Do better; Feel better.